Oasis in the Desert

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A day Away

Oh Geez,  I have been blogless for many days now.  It has not been due to lack of bizzyness.  There has been a garage sale, more accurately, a porch sale.  We had our valuable "stuff" on the porch all week and nobody stopped, stole, or sold.  The day before the big sale, people finally came.  They always buy the things that you least expect anyone to want.  It was a great success and folks are funny and full of good stories.

     We survived and took the remains to the Goodwill donation site.  I now consider myself completely rid of things that have been useless to me and will make someone else happy.  Really, a great cathartic event.

     As a reward, we took a day and went to the very BIG Winstar Casino on the OK/TX border for senior day.  It includes a large breakfast, a large lunch buffet, and lots of free play for penny pinchers.  The Casino hotels were sold out. (There are 2,000 rooms), so we stayed in a America's Best Hotel in Gainsville, TX.  Now, it was a bargain and run by Indians.  Real Indians from India.  The room was super clean and well incensed with something that smelled like old roses.  It was all fun and we are now back home.  Boo stayed by himself for 24 hours.  (We could not go in the RV because the step is stuck in the down position).  Herb's next mystery project.

    Anyway, I have pics of the sea of grey in the cavernous breakfast buffet room where they normally play Bingo.  More to Come.  Cindy, Herb, and Boo too

Saturday, September 10, 2011

New Roads Ahead


We are in the final month of our Camping World Ambassadorship in Dallas.  Whew,  this has been the hottest summer for the record books.  The 90 degree temps just feel chilly.  Many days it would register 117 on our car thermometer.  Hurrah, we survived and enjoyed the experience.


Centrally located in the DFW/Fort Metro is an amazingly lovely city operated park, called the Vineyards. It is owned by the city of Grapevine.  Settled comfortably on the shores of a lovely lake.  Look it up.  www.vineyardscampground.com  A really nice park.

The Dallas/Fort Worth Camping World stores are special places, filled with special, hardworking folks.  Not to mention the travelers coming through.  Each one has a special story of their own.  RVer's are a hearty lot and filled with fun adventures and stories.  It is just the best place in the world to work. SHHH, keep it a secret.


Always insanely crazy and always filled with new surprises.  Today, we were driving toward Mineral Wells...their town motto is "Keep Mineral Wells Crazy", and we drove past a tiny tear-drop trailer, with a tiny air conditioner and a munchkin size door.  I could only say that it might be better than a tiny tent.


If you are driving I-20 about 40 miles from Fort Worth and just north of the turnoff to Mineral Wells, you will find a really amazing RV park built for fun and comfort. Last Valentine's day we attended a 50's theme party gathering at this park and it was both entertaining and lots of fun.  Their website is www.coffeecreekrvresort.com  Take a look and go for a night while heading east or west on I-20 or attend one of their fun gatherings.  The new ice cream bar is the Bomb.  They have snow cones too.


The plans are falling in place for the big trip to Las Vegas.  Vegas Camping World is calling us to their special part of the world.  More to Come.  C, H, and Boo too

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Camping in a New World

We are excitedly planning our trip from Oklahoma to Las Vegas to begin our position as GoodWill Ambassadors for Camping World (planning is a big part of the fun).  We have always stayed the the best RV parks we felt we could afford.  Many times the very best when other's were paying for the park.  Parks are pretty much the same internally.  These days many have wifi, cable, and other unthought of amenities 20 years ago.  Otherwise, if you just stay one night, you only see the inside of your rig.

We have mostly had big rigs in our fulltimer past life.  Usually 34-36 feet and often a fifth wheel towed by a pickup.  This limited the kinds of places we could park.  We almost always wanted a big pull-through because backing the fifth wheel was almost surely a way to get us raving at each other. Mixed hand signals ):
The Shorter Version
The Long Trailer

Sooo....As of late we have been reading blogs of adventurous travelers who choose only to park in public campgrounds, parking lots, and lo, back in the woods.  Our present rig is a Class C 31 footer.  Geez, it will go into almost any public campground.  Most have a maximum of 34 feet.  Oh Boy, a whole new world has opened up.

Going out West

Can we survive without our large and homey rig?  Will all we think we need fit into this smaller unit.  Probably, yes to all those concerns. Many folks travel in much smaller units, but we are two and a hair overweight, plus the space consuming cat. Boo Boo.

We spent yesterday, yes, the last day of the terrible, awful summer this year, looking at public campgrounds.  They are beautiful and plentiful, especially in October when we will travel.  Summer is another story.  You cannot make reservations some places after Labor Day.  So, it is first come, first, served.  The planning has begun.  50 days to blastoff.  More to Come.  C, H, and Boo too.

In Memoriam of our "granddog"  Mr. Wiggles.