Oasis in the Desert

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mesquite AZ

IN WHAT SEEMS LIKE THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE, A LOVELY TOWN SPRINGS UP FROM THE DESERT replete with green grass, shiny casinos and lo, a Super WalMart.  We have not been to Walmart yet as we are pooped.  We are settled in Solstice, a motorhome private campground.  They got lost in the economy and lucky us, we get to stay here.  I will get out and take pictures tomorrow.  It was cold last night and up to 70 today, and VERY dry.

GOOD THINGS HERE include 80 stations of free cable, good wifi, and free laundry.  It ticked all my boxes.  We had lunch in one of the casinos today.  It was in a bowling alley inside the casino.  I won a hot dog in a drawing so, guess we will have to go back for that tasty morsel.

THIS IS A TOWN OF 20,000 SOULS and pretty much the same size as the town we left in Oklahoma.  That is about all that is the same.  There are six beautiful golf courses and a large Del Webb retirement community.  Not to mention, many casinos.

BOO BOO is strangely quiet.  He seems to be eating okay.  He just wants to sleep all the time.  Herb thinks he has altitude sickness.  He acts like a depressed cat.  Guess he misses all he porch buddies from the lake.  I am sure they miss us.  Poor Kitties.  More to Come,  C, H, and Boo too

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


DRIVING TOWARD LAS VEGAS is a real change for us Okie flatlanders.  Our Class C motor home seems to be climbing the hills like a proud little RV.  We occasionally get passed by a fiver or a big hulking motorhome.  Our rig gets 7 to 8 miles to the gallon.  Herb stays between 55 and 60 and we get the 7 to 8 regardless of the terrain.  We drove over the Hoover dam on the new road they have constructed.  The GPS just went into space.  Guess it needs its yearly update.

SETTLED IN THE HITCHING POST for one night took us through LV and headed us north for our final driving leg to Mesquite.  Boo Boo has been acting a little strange.  We decided that since he rides in his carrier that he has a bit of altitude sickness and maybe dizzy from the many mountain curves.  He has been an angel of a black cat and just seems to adjust to the changes with catlike grace.

JUST HAD TO CHECK OUT THE BUFFET WORLD which used to be eat on the cheap on LV.  We were about a mile north of downtown LV and decided to go to the Main Street Station.  We had eaten at the buffet there some years ago and remembered that it was good.  As we stood in line to get Player's club cards, a nice guy told us about free coupons he had printed from the internet.  The nice lady at the desk told us she had some that someone had left.  So, the buffet was almost free and delicious.  We were really pooped after 5 days of all day driving so, we headed back to the rig.

PICTURES TO COME LATER as this is the first park with "great" wifi.  Actually a nice intown park with amenities.  I am hoping to settle out of city center.  We head for Mesquite today.  More to come....C, H, and Boo too

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


LEAVING OKLAHOMA    Yes, we have given up the comfort of living in a stick home to go on the road in our RV again.  We enjoyed this lifestyle for five years and decided it was time to settle in.  It was a good idea but boring.  It became pretty apparent that in today's economy, that we could not support the stick home and be RVer's in the same space and time.  Since time is getting shorter, we decided to sell the house and head out in the RV.

FIRST DAY ON THE ROAD we found ourselves in Caprock Canyon State Park located in the Texas panhandle.  It is an amazing place.  A home for the largest herd of Bison in the state of Texas.  The park is suffering from the extended drought, as is all of western Oklahoma and Eastern Texas.  It was not a bargain for us as we did not have a Texas CampCard.  The space was quiet and the park was almost full.  Lots of foreign travelers were parked in the campground.

SECOND DAY we ambled into Fort Sumner, Texas.  This is where Billy the Kid met his waterloo.  We visited the museum, grave, and learned about the amazing history of this part of Texas.  It was very interesting.

THIRD DAY we felt we should donate to an Indian tribe.  We stayed in a great park west of Albuquerque, Sky City Casino, Hotel, and RV park.  It really got cold in the night.  Boo Boo, the cat was cuddled up against us in the night.  Herb had to get up and turn the heat on.  The food at the casino was great.  The winnings were not so memorable.

TODAY  We are revisiting Williams, Arizona.  Back at a familiar campground.  Canyon Gateway RV Park.  It sits on a bluff with a panoramic view of the valley below.  It is a short drive to the Grand Canyon, but we went there last time, so we will continue on toward Nevada.  More to Come.  Cindy, Herb, and Boo too

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Practice Makes Perfect

LESS THAN A WEEK until we head west to the Las Vegas area.  We have so much to do and age makes its own demands.  Not too many years ago I could do 5 things at once and finsh them well.  Now, one task a day is usually the final total.  I can do more, but something will be done less than perfect.

TODAY, WE TRAVELED to Oklahoma City to the RV show and to say goodby to Herb's youngest.  We saw a bunch of new smelling RV's and had a great lunch with Dana.  She is striving to be a professor of literature in Ireland.  She is near her goal and we are proud that she has stayed with her passions.  She will finish her Master's in December.  We had a yummy lunch at Zios in OKC.

THEN WE WENT TO CAMPING WORLD in OKC to get a stool.  The step on our RV just mysteriously quit working and after Herb laying on the ground under it and looking for something, he just removed the motor and pushed and secured it back under the RV.  We will have it fixed in Las Vegas.  The footstool will get us up and down.  6 days and counting.  C, H, and Boo too

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wrong Website Listing

Sorry, we entered the wrong website.  It is www.lakehouse.com.  Click on Oklahoma then Lake Humphrey.  Voila, there your are.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Home for Sale (another)

COMMITTMENT....Ah, that is something to which we have given ourselves more than once.  So, once again, we sell our home and head off in our home with wheels as long as the gods of good health allow.  We have a muy buena casa.  You can take a peek at www.lakehouse.com   It is in Oklahoma on Lake Humphrey.  Send us a buyer.  The house is sooo energy friendly.  I cannot imagine why we would want to leave, but there is no accounting for the gypsy gene.

THE COLLECTION OF "NEW" STUFF.  This house is full of things.  Many of which require dusting, cleaning, etc,etc.  I guess I am just a tiny house sort of person.  This one is WAY too big.  The garage sale got rid of lots and the leftovers were taken straight to the Donation bin....but,  there is MORE.  Sell furnished, oh yes.  That would make it simple, but....other people love their STUFF and want to spend good money to move it from place to place.  I know, it was a long-lived lifestyle of mine.

BOO, the cat is ready to travel.  We do need someone to feed Herb's three porch cats.  They will be really surprised to see us go.  As will Meow Mix.  Their stock will probably take a dive.

TIME LINE....The leave date is October 23.  The route is laid out.  I have spent muchas horas on the phone with Dish to become a traveling user.  We have to fill out forms to get Networks.  Sadly,  I am addicted to Dancing with the Stars and more.  We have a satellite dish, so no parking in the shade.  It is planted firmly on top of our Class C.  Until next time.  More to Come C, H and Boo Too