Oasis in the Desert

Friday, December 30, 2011


Starting far north of Mesquite NV, the Virgin River wends its way south.  From St. George, Utah for some miles it forms a deep canyon that is the way I-15 finds its way to the south.  About ten miles north of Mesquite, NV where you will find yourself in Arizona, the land becomes less of a gorge and eventually forms the Virgin River Valley.

The River runs into Lake Mead


This town starts at the Arizona/Nevada border and would be considered a boom town.  Most everything in the town is almost new.  The population has grown from 7,000 to 25,000 in ten years and expected to reach 75,000 by 2025.  Most everything in the town is the Virgin this or that.  The town we moved from called the mascot of their town, "The Demons".  Lady Demon's basketball, Demon football, you get the idea.  The Church-going side of the town decided that this was not good and it was put on an election ballot.  The Demon name held its ground.

Resting place on the walking trail

Jet trails into Las Vegas to the south

Nope, guess it just didn't sound right.  The Virgin Valley Schools call their team The Hawks.  Probably since the bird is a commons sight in these environs.  The schools, like everything else, are almost new.  There is a new hospital and an airport.  This is what the Del Webb retirement sites (a big one here) say is required to make a happy senior citizen.  It doesn't hurt that the three big casinos seem to be full of the happily retired. Add to that six championship golf courses.

A typical landscape in Mesquite

We filled our propane and the nice senor' wished us the above.  Ah, my Mexico memories all came flooding back and that is what I wish for our friends and readers.  Cindy, Herb, and Boo too

Monday, December 26, 2011



We had a very nice Christmas.  We went to a Candlight Service at a local church with two other couples who work where we are camping.  It brought back memories of candlelight services in Mexico.  Christmas day, we 6 went to the buffet at the casino.  The Casinos here in Mesquite are about the only place to eat out.  They make it very tempting as every time you play, you get points for food.

The lovely church in Mesquite

The six of us dolled up for Christmas Eve

The Children were the best part

Social Gathering, with cookies..yum


In the State of Colorado,  smoking is not allowed in the casinos.  We think that will not happen soon in Nevada and we have read that for every twenty minutes you inhale second hand smoke, you inhale the equivalent of one cigarette.  We are long time non-smokers and really find it irritating.  So, we have tried not to go to the casinos, even to eat and that means pretty much cooking at home.  Today, Herb grilled hamburgers.  They were so delicious.  The weather here is perfect.  Snowbird Heaven.  Blue skies and no wind.


Probably not a word but, a nice day after christmas anyway.  One of the not so guilty pleasures of living in a small space.  We have new pics of our Grandchildren and they are a lovely sight. More to Come.  Cindy, Herb, and Boo too

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

New format tonight.  I guess a present for Christmas.  I have enough trouble figuring all this out without a new format.  Oh well, we must change to grow.  We wish happy travels and Christmas joys to all of our traveling friends and to all of our friends and families everywhere.  Cindy, Herb, and Boo Too

Thursday, December 22, 2011



If you are shivering in the snow, take a ride with us as we make our Camping World deliveries to places where folks move south from the far north to spend the season with old and new friends in great campgrounds that eagerly await their arrival.  Small towns swell from 2,000 to 10,000 during the "snowbird" season.  We visit three states on our rounds.  Nevada, California, and Arizona.  The time always changes in Arizona as they do not suffer daylight savings.

Remember Hillary,  Bill on the other side of Park Entrance


During the summer you often hear weather reports that Needles, AZ is the hottest place in the nation.  During the snowbird months, the temps are perfect during the day and cool, seldom freezing, at night. The parks are close together,  Some only feet apart.  The Colorado River runs next to many of these sites.  It is a wide and rushing river.  Many nice sites are right on the river and folks are lined up fishing on nice days. It is amazing how many folks from Europe rent RV's and travel in the US.  This couple shipped their own rig from Germany.

German built, 4 folks traveling in this creation

non sprechen duesch, they nicely speak English


This is the place you will find the London Bridge and kazillions of snowbirds.  I had one fellow tell me while we were in Texas that he used to go there , but it got too cold so, he heads to South Texas now.  Bullhead City is just across the river from Laughlin, NV.  Another town where gambling is king.  There is one large RV park in Laughlin, Riverside.  We have stayed there in the past on a trip to CA.  VERY LARGE PARK.

Really, in the desert

Fall in the desert?

Mountains in the background


You might think that this is a long trip.  It is about 90 miles from the south of Las Vegas to Needles and then the parks are just miles or yards apart.  The drive in the desert is always a treat.  We see the turnoff for Christmas Tree Pass on the road from Laughlin to I-95.  We see where it meets I-95.  Hmmm....wonder if the HHR would or could make that sidetrip.  We are always tempted.  Are there trees?  How high is the pass?  Our next trip will be to Pahrump.  Another story altogether.  We see now why our desert friends get mesmerized by the landscape and endless vistas. A  big shoutout to our special blogger friends,  www.thebayfieldbunch.com  Great blog with amazing pics of the desert. They are dealing with a rock and not a good one.  Give them a shoutout and a prayer.  More to Come...H, C, and Boo Too

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Lifestyle as RVer's


Life in a Recreational Vehicle requires adjustments that most folk could not make.  You cannot be a hoarder.  The first year we full-timed, our RV gained 1,000 pounds.  When something new comes in, something must go.  It is a cathartic thing to find that all that "stuff" you so needed is not even missed.  Even then, often there is stuff that you don't use and it can be discarded, donated, or dumped.  We always try to leave our books in campground social rooms.  I am now reading on a kindle.  Now that is getting really into new technology.


Things do happen as the years pile on and we follow a lot of blogs and bad things happen to good bodies.  It is a challenge to leave the Medical care that you are familiar with and see different doctors and facilities.  I am awed by some of the people in our blog list that just tend to their ailments and go on down the road.  I also read today about a couple who just threw in the towel and settled down...they knew it was time.  Even then it was not an easy decision for them.  Luckily, they have a close family near-by.


I guess Christmas is a season to look around and see where and why you are where you are.  We are working in the Las Vegas area and it is beautiful and glitzy, but life does go on.  The country here is very different than where we grew up.  The desert is its own kind of beauty and I revel in the diversity of the landscape.  Sometimes I look at the patch of green grass in the RV park and think...hmmm miss the water bill, maybe not.  So, have a great and healthy year and one more time....Happy Holidays.

Monday, December 19, 2011



Well, certainly a beautiful photo of a great rendition.  Also, you might notice the full moon just to the left of the tower.  We took the picture as we were watching the dancing waters at the Bellagio.

Pavarotti sings from FAR away


Our favorite solarium in the Bellagio was decked out in thousands of amazing flowers.  I read that the director of horticulture at Bellagio "Andy Garcia" is not the movie star but, a gentleman who immigrated from El Salvador in 1984.  He was one of 17 children.  He worked hard and rose through the ranks of the landscaping business in Las Vegas, worked hard to succeed in his rise to the top of the garden world of the desert.  These pictures, taken by us, are great but not as amazing as the real thing.  The smell of the Bellagio and Conservatory Gardens cannot be sent in a blog.  Factually, 22,000 people visit these Gardens every day. 

The Penguins are skating in the background

The bears are white carnations...sweet

The annual Christmas card


We are enjoying this season with friends in the RV park and co-workers at Camping World.  Family is too far away for a quick trip to enjoy a good dinner and seeing our grandchildren and children.  But, we think about all of them and love them just the same.  We wish a safe and happy season to friends in all parts of the world.

Still Enjoying the glitz

The Penguin pops in and out

For our friends and family who wonder where in the world are Herb and Cindy, we are currently workkamping in Las Vegas, NV for Camping World.  We are living in Mesquite, NV in our Class C RV.  We are selling our Lake Home and going on the road for as long as our bodies will let us.  We just finally gave it up to the gypsy spirit in both of us.  We will move on West to Napa Valley in May and serve the Camping World stores in Vacaville and Rocklin.  That ends in September and who knows after that.  We enjoy our life and tie ourselves to our chairs as there are three BIG casinos in the small city of Mesquite.  They have great food and other temptations for us. We travel with our cat Boo Boo.  He makes it feel like home and greets us when we return.  Follow our blog.  It might get wild and crazy.  More to Come C, H, and Boo too

Our Christmas Decorations 

Santa's Helicoptor lands in the RV Park

The Desertscape from Homebase

Monday, December 12, 2011

Memories of Christmas Past: Christmas 1950

As Christmas Day draws near, memories of past Christmas holidays flash through my mind.  How I spend the Christmas holiday today has changed as I pass through different stages in my own life. 

 As a child, everybody would meet at Grandma’s house.  We brought a mountain of food, traditional holiday meats, vegetables, desserts and candy.  The Christmas tree was heavily decorated and at its base, presents were stacked two and three deep.  Card tables were set up and the games began.  Card games, dominos, Monopoly, Sorry, and Potato Head were set up on the tables.

Of course, Grandma Lily was there along with Uncle Jay and Aunt Glee from Denver, Uncle Herb and Lois from Velma, Uncle Brock and Kitty from Duncan, mysterious Aunt Oma Pearl from Hollywood, and Mom and Dad.  Cousins Lee, Lynnanne, Karen, Susie, Norma Lou, Brother Tom and I chased each other through the Grandma’s small two bedroom house. 
The ladies would all congregate in the kitchen preparing Christmas Dinner.  The men gathered in the living room playing cards and traded tales, jokes, and laughter.  The kids were everywhere, in closets, bedrooms, living room, kitchen, and on the front porch, running from one end to the other.

Once dinner was prepared all would gather around the dining table along with card tables set up for the kids.  A Christmas prayer was given and the feast began.  The mountain of food was reduced to a few leftovers.  Aunt Lois was a star at dessert time.  She made the most delicious pies I have ever tasted.  And, of course, there was Grandma’s skillet cobbler – Wow!

After dinner the grownups would resume the game playing and all talked at once, each telling a story or two.  The kids would be taking a nap on quilts laid out on the floor and after nap time all of the kids would walk a few blocks to the downtown area and watch an afternoon movie at the Palace Theater.

After Christmas day, all would return to their respective homes and we would look forward to the next Christmas gathering.  My dad was the first of our family to pass, then, Grandma died leaving us without a gathering place.  The family met a few times, but as time passed, the kids grew up and had families of their own.  Those were good times and the memories will keep the past family gatherings alive in my heart forever.

What are your childhood memories?  Maybe the next blog I will recall Christmas 1964 – The college years.