Oasis in the Desert

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Ah, the many warnings of friends, (all of which have never, ever set foot in Mexico) has not discouraged us from wanting to return.  You may ask, why?  Well, there is a magic in Mexico that cannot be discouraged by the (not so many) reports of people losing their heads in the drug wars.

Puerto Escondido

The Beach at Puerto Escondido


So, we make our plans to return to Mexico and enjoy the beautiful scenery, the amazing people, and food that is really "Mexican".  We will go first to a campground south of Lake Chapala and make a temporary home.  We have our Class C RV that makes travel easy and comfortable.  We are not afraid of all the hype about being be-headed, or robbed, or any number of other hinky things that could befall us.  We just look forward to the beauty and the welcome attitude of the Mexican people.

The Flying Dutchman

Retired Dancers

Oaxaca Daylife


We have decided to head for Hacienda Contreras, an RV park south of Lake Chapala.  It has been recommended by many and sounds like a good place for us.  They even give you a garden space and will rototill it for you.  WOW,  I always dreamed of having a gardener in my life....Ahhhh, this is perfect.  Whatever happens next will be wonderful whatever it will be.  Mexico is an amazing place and we plan to enjoy all it's beauty's and opportunities to see sites of interest.  Stay tuned.  H, C, and Boo Too

Beauty in the eye of the beholder