Oasis in the Desert

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

On the Road Again

Here we are in Reno, NV.  Left the Las Vegas Area and heading West.  Tomorrow we travel to The Vineyards RV Park in Vacaville, CA.  Plan to stay there for a month and explore our new assignment.  We hope to become blog activist once again and have some adventures to write about.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hello out there.  Whew, it has been a long time since we posted a blog.  The last few days have been busy ones.  We have moved from Mesquite, NV, attended a huge rally in Phoenix, drove to Tucson, flew to Oklahoma and closed on the sale of our house.  Now, we are settled for a few weeks in the very nice Oasis RV park in Las Vegas.  Herb has been feeling poorly for a couple of weeks, so we drove across town to a quick clinic.  They diagnosed a sinus infection and gave him antibiotics.  Today,  he is a bit better, but probably let it go too long.  It was cool and acting like it might rain in Las Vegas today.  It didn't and it is still cool.  We will enjoy the glitz and glamour here for a few more weeks and then  head for California.  Boo, the cat, is happy here as there are lots of birds around in the trees.  He wishes one would fly in the door.

    Our fellow bloggers, Ruth and Kevin, have entered a contest to visit Australia and are asking all of us to vote for them each day.  We have been in for our vote every day.  When we were their age, we traveled the world similarly to them but, as employees of an Airline and a travel agency.  They are very creative in their methods of travel....we understand.  Vote for them if you can At their webside, Travels with Kevin and Ruth.

     We missed the rain here in Las Vegas, but it is cool and comfortable.  Folks here say that the best months are April and October.  We will enjoy our stay and look forward to our move to California.  More to Come  C, H, and Boo Too


Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Ah, the many warnings of friends, (all of which have never, ever set foot in Mexico) has not discouraged us from wanting to return.  You may ask, why?  Well, there is a magic in Mexico that cannot be discouraged by the (not so many) reports of people losing their heads in the drug wars.

Puerto Escondido

The Beach at Puerto Escondido


So, we make our plans to return to Mexico and enjoy the beautiful scenery, the amazing people, and food that is really "Mexican".  We will go first to a campground south of Lake Chapala and make a temporary home.  We have our Class C RV that makes travel easy and comfortable.  We are not afraid of all the hype about being be-headed, or robbed, or any number of other hinky things that could befall us.  We just look forward to the beauty and the welcome attitude of the Mexican people.

The Flying Dutchman

Retired Dancers

Oaxaca Daylife


We have decided to head for Hacienda Contreras, an RV park south of Lake Chapala.  It has been recommended by many and sounds like a good place for us.  They even give you a garden space and will rototill it for you.  WOW,  I always dreamed of having a gardener in my life....Ahhhh, this is perfect.  Whatever happens next will be wonderful whatever it will be.  Mexico is an amazing place and we plan to enjoy all it's beauty's and opportunities to see sites of interest.  Stay tuned.  H, C, and Boo Too

Beauty in the eye of the beholder

Monday, January 16, 2012

Flexing my weak Mexican muscles


We took our first RV trip in Mexico in January of 2009 in a 1999 Fleetwood Storm.  It was 34 feet long.  We crossed the border at Pharr, TX after many scary warnings from the Americans camped in the park in McAllen. We quickly managed to get lost in Matamoros and headed down the coast to one of Mexico's newest designated beach resorts, La Pesca. Fontour (Mexican Tourism) has it in their sights.

A view of the short cut to La Pesca
We drove a seriously under construction road about 20 miles from the main road to the beach town of La Pesca.  A beautiful town on a beautiful beach with an amazing river meandering inland.  We parked in a hotel/RV park.  There was one other RV there.  A gentleman from an RV club scoping out the place for caravan trips.  Guess they will wait until that scary road is finished.

Where are the boats?

Too cool for the lovely pool

Beautiful  si si

Ah Stormy, our Brave RV


We stayed there two days, plugged into a simple 110 volt plug.  It was chilly and we ventured out only to look around.  The hotel was built by Americans and sold to Mexico when no one came...sad.  La Pesca is about 200 miles from Brownsville, TX.  I read the blogs of air friends who are currently traveling South of the Border and have tinges of jealousy for the many things (cosas) in MX that are marvelous, and the many things that are frustrating.  Topes for example.  You can follow a couple of our favorite blogs written by folks who are currently traveling in Mexico.. www.travelwithkevinandruth.com   Also www.abuelolovo.blogspot.com    I know there are many others.  We also faithfully follow www.vagabonders-supreme.net    That is Goerge and Ms Tioga.  He has many followers and really loves Mexico.

Beautiful Sunset required in Mexico

Cindy in her bikini (under three layers of clothing)

La Gaviota Resort, Beach of La Pesca, and Poza Rica
I hope Mexico travel will be in our future.  We don't know what tomorrow will bring,  do you?  More to come.  H, C, and Boo too

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dogs Vs Cats


Today, I was visiting with my neighbor (who, by the way, have three small dogs and a cat living with them in their fifth wheel), when my neighbor pointed to our door and our cat, Boo Boo, was neatly opening the sliding small door that covers the latch and then, he just pushed down on the latch and opened the door for his escape. He goes outside and will not be caught, but eventually he always returns to his home to us.

The lap cat


We read so many blogs that the writers have such happy times with their dogs and their pets are just simply part of their family.  We never had such good luck with dogs.  I could write a short book on my dog experiences.  Perhaps, dogs are too smart for me or we are just bad dog parents.  We had a robbery in our house in CA years ago and we went to the pound and adopted a small (we thought yappy) poodle.  The dog never barked, but he peed on every square inch of our house.  We tried every possible way to train her and she finally shot out the door one day and never returned.


For a cat, he is pretty social.  He sleeps with us and pretty much just hangs around except for the occasional trip to the outside.  He likes to get up under the rig and hide,  likes others rigs too.  He uses his litter box without fail and travels well.  Not all cats travel well.  We took this one on a test drive to make sure he would not howl or mewl.  He just rides in his carrier and sleeps. We have a Class C Rig and he is always up on the dash when we return in our towed.  I wonder if he is 1/2 dog?

Boo's view of the world

Today, I was boiling eggs in my mini kitchen and the cat loves to get up on the cabinet.  He did that in the big house.  Bad Boy, but I am a solicitious Mother.  I smelled something burning and his tail was starting to singe.  It didn't hurt him, but made a kind of black dusty mess.  Sure did smell.  Oh well, more to come,  Herb, Cindy, and Boo too

Cat's eyes are like snake eyes

Saturday, January 7, 2012



Well, there are many homes for RVer's.  We are enjoying reading about folks who boondock in the deserts of Arizona and other SW states.  It whets our appetite for upping our rig to a standard that would allow such freedom.  We had the generator fixed, but you can't run it all the time.  So, solar panels are a tempting option.  I admit to being a bit of a TV addict.  Luckily we have a satellite dome up top.


Cock-a-doodle-do and we are staying in a downtown RV park. BUT....we are there to look at all the good options that are out there for RVers and we hope to see fellow bloggers.  Surely with only 100,000+ folks in attendance, we will run into someone we know.  We are looking forward to the Big Shew.

A  shout out to the Bayfield Bunch.  Al is dealing with some health problems and their blog is so great, with amazing pictures.  Kelly certainly takes good care of her guy.  We wish them the best of what medicine has to offer and continued travels.  You can find them at www.thebayfieldbunch.com   Enjoy!!!!


We also follow a blog by a young couple visiting and RVing in Mexico.  Such an amazing country and these folks are enjoying it to the fullest.  Look up www.travelswithkevinandruth.com  They are in one of our favorite places now.  Folks carry on about the dangers of Mexico and we know, from five years of traveling there that Mexican's are just good and hard working people.  The drug dealers don't want RVers in their part of the economy.  Crime is more rampant in American cities and even in small towns.  The front page of the Majave Valley newspaper was filled with real crimes, murder and mayhem.  I'm just saying....

Cindy, Herb, and Boo too.  More to come!

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Well, it finally happened.  And I feel an obligation to warn others.  Take care of your generator if you want it to take care of you.  Yes, if you ignore your duty to run your generator, perform regular maintenance, and follow manufacturer’s instructions, the generator will not give you a charge when you need it. 

We had parked in a RV Park utilizing full hook-ups in Denton, TX for the summer.  For four months, I failed to run my generator (at least 30 minutes, twice a month).  It is not really hard work to perform this task.  You press the start button, put it under a full load for 30 minutes and push the stop button.  Yes, neglect not laziness was my shortcoming. I finally got around to performing my duty five months later, but it was too late.  Mr. Generator felt neglected and would not start.

Just press the Start Button!
I had read horror stories about generators that would not start.  Repair costs exceeding thousands of dollars, generators that needed to be replaced with even more expensive new generators.  I might need to get a night job to pay for my neglect.

Not able to stand the suspense any longer, we finally drove our RV to the Camping World Service Department and explained our problem.  Gratefully, the service tech made an adjustment in the overhead valve and it fired up – generating a fully 120 volts, 40amps.  After an expense of $178.00, we had, once again, a functional generator.

Let this serve as a warning to all those neglectful RVers who do not give their attention to their worthy generators.  Love your generator.  Give it your full attention and it will loyally serve you with a full charge.